Label ServicesWe provide high quality custom clothing labels and accessories for your brand and products.

Woven Labels

Woven labels has one of the best popularity and widely chosen labels due to the nature of the product. Woven labels are made to be used on rapier weaving looms. These looms weave polyester yarns called warp and weft re-creating the logo in the form of artwork. Then the labels…

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Hang Tags

Hang Tags Hang tags are the unit which are important for your garment branding, which are being the premier part of identification as they are known. We create custom hang tags & swing tickets with special materials to help generate something original and remarkable to externalize your trademark. PAPER &…

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Leather Labels

Leather labels are generally used for jeans waistband branding, despite they are also a popular option for outer branding of items such as knitwear & coats and accessories like bags. For external wear garments such as coats or jackets, a leather label can be used as an internal neck label…

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Printed Labels

Our printed clothing labels are appropriate for a range of intention including brand identity, garment trimming and carrying important information about the garment. There are a range of material alternatives available such cotton, polyester satin and tyvek letting us to create a custom clothing label to suit whatever your required…

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Microfiber label which is our new product, due to its skin, provide soft touching and security for baby clothes. We can make promotion of your logo or promotions on the microfiber labels which are available with several colours.

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PVC labels are the products which are made from Poly Vinyl Chloride and are soft and rubbery to touch. PVC labels are suitable to use for outdoor products and clothing (sportswear, adventure clothing) as they are refusing to the weather. We are producing the PVC with their sewing channel on…

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Rubber clothing labels which we are producing as custom, can be produced by PVC or silicone. It is mostly suitable to use for external branding on garments and accessories. There are enough styles available to ensure you have an effective eye catching label to view your brand image.

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Zipper Pulls

Zipper Pulls We can produce custom made zipper pulls by different type of materials and styles suitable for all types of garments and accessories to improve your fashion creations and raise brand awareness. Woven Zipper Pulls We are producing woven zipper pulls which procure an economical and easy way of…

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