About Us

As we are Label Services family, we providing high quality clothing label services in Istanbul/ Turkey.

Our company is maintaining to serve textile and garment industry since 2006. Specially in the Europe Market and USA Market, we are keeping service with cardboard, woven, print, leather, plastic and microfiber products in a range of colours and sizes.

We are an organization which has brand value and consciousness, admitted international quality and international standards, aiming to create institutional identify. We think that we understand what their brand means for our customers. Because of this, our principles are ’’good service, high quality, to find solutions above expectations and finally satisfaction of our customers’’. We desire, to reach the customer who have brand value and consciousness and to work with these customers and to obtain new information’s and have new experiences.

To have further information’s about our products and services, to obtain catalogue of our products and services which is unpaid, you can contact us by phone, via internet or e mail.