Leather Labels

Leather labels are generally used for jeans waistband branding, despite they are also a popular option for outer branding of items such as knitwear & coats and accessories like bags.

For external wear garments such as coats or jackets, a leather label can be used as an internal neck label united with a printed cotton size label.

The alternatives available for leather labels include both real and imitation leather, with processes including hot-stamping, printing, cracked effects and adding metal elements such as rivets or decals.

Boost your brand with real leather and imitation leather labelling from conventional jeans patches to garment and fashion accessory trimming.

Imitation and real leather labels are optimal for jeans, jackets and work clothing. Most leather labels require a pattern in order to stamp or raise the logo on the label. We provide numerous colors of leather labels – from classic brown suede to pink leather. Very durable.

Imitation Leather

Imitation leather is an alternative which is economic. Imitation leather is the product which has leather appearance but which is easy to wash. It is being too less prone to shrinkage and loss of colour. We can produce imitation leather which is selected style and colours with designed hot stamp (embossed or printed) as with real leather.

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2 Stage Mounted

2 stage mounted labels give great value and image factor to any product. We are producing our labels according to your specification and your choice.

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Real Leather

We are producing real leather labels which is procuring a long lasting, which is suitable to use as jeans back patches, external branding on a range of garments and accessories. Furthermore, We can produce either hot stamped(sunken into the leather), embossed(raised) or printed.

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Microfiber label which is our new product, due to its skin, provide soft touching and security for baby clothes. We can make promotion of your logo or promotions on the microfiber labels which are available with several colours.

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Leather Labels