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Rubber clothing labels which we are producing as custom, can be produced by PVC or silicone. It is mostly suitable to use for external branding on garments and accessories. There are enough styles available to ensure you have an effective eye catching label to view your brand image.

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embroidered patches

We can produce embroidered patches which are fully embroidered, partially embroidered, or embroidered onto materials such as felt and faux leather. However, it is a label which is hard to wear as it is textured 3D images. The patches can be either embroidered.

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PVC labels are the products which are made from Poly Vinyl Chloride and are soft and rubbery to touch. PVC labels are suitable to use for outdoor products and clothing (sportswear, adventure clothing) as they are refusing to the weather. We are producing the PVC with their sewing channel on the labels to make attaching them to your product as simple as possible. We can also set the PMS colors to fit your brand.

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zipper pulls

Zipper pulls are the product which has many a lot of diverse in design and which can be used on many products. (For example: Jackets and coats, Utility packaging, Purses). Zipper pulls can be produced from metal pieces, woven, printed, puff filled woven, rubber or PVC.

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Other Labels