Woven Labels

Woven labels has one of the best popularity and widely chosen labels due to the nature of the product.
Woven labels are made to be used on rapier weaving looms.
These looms weave polyester yarns called warp and weft re-creating the logo in the form of artwork.
Then the labels are woven in a strip form and cut by thermic cutters or laser.
This system automatically seals the spring to keep from fraying.
Woven labels are very durable, launders better in the long run (than printed label) and is also soft on the skin.

Woven Damask

Woven damask has one of the most qualified label qualities and provides many niceties regarding to several intensities. They procures high calibre label with slick, woolly texture and appropriate for all types of garment and fixture branding with limitless colours.

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Woven Satin

Woven satin labels is a woven which looks lux and sleek label which frequently used on children’s clothes and women’s clothes. Whereas, there are restrictions on the label basis colours existing and they do not compensate the grade of detail that can be accomplish with a woven damask label.

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Woven Taffeta

Woven taffeta labels is the label which do not compensate the grade of detail that can be accomplish on a damask label or the grade of smoothness that satin labels procure so are frequently used for exterior branding on footwear and accessories instead as an interior label that would contact with the skin.

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Woven Edge

Woven edge is the woven which must be produced on special machines, special looms, particularly projected to make narrow fabrics. Mostly, these looms can textile a few ribbons at the same time.

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Woven Patches

Woven patches are the patches which can be used for branding but the style depending on the design and placement of these patches. We are producing woven patches which are made by polyester thread and can be made in a standard shape or die cut to a custom shape.

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Woven Labels